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The purpose of this organization is to ensure better standards of living through better selling and marketing education and to provide sales and marketing education professionals with effective and continued professional leadership by: 


Assisting in the development of local sales and marketing professionals and supporting them through educational services, programs, discussions groups, networking opportunities, forums, panels, lectures, workshops and other educational efforts.


Encouraging the cooperation and exchange of information and ideas among members for educational and professional development purposes.


Providing educational and research information about selling, sales management and market practices.


Promoting acceptance and understanding of selling and marketing as a profession and further the educational understanding of the basic concepts of the competitive free enterprise system.


Conducting public awareness and education by recognizing outstanding performance in selling and marketing with an honoree banquet. 

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P.O. Box 115653

Hattiesburg, MS 39404

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Board of Directors

Executive Director/Treasurer

Angela Davis-Morris, Davis Morris Law Firm, PA


Katie Martin

Immediate Past President

Amanda Kirby

Vice President of Programs 

Katie Martin

VP Membership 

Dr. Robert Thompson

Public Relations Chair

Jessica Fields

Professional & Fund Development

Katie Martin


Michael Marks

Member Services Coordination 

Colleen Munkel


Jami Wood

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